Re: gnome-office website (was Re: We're removed from FC2 ?)

At 04:56 AM 2/6/2004, msevior physics unimelb edu au wrote:

In gtk 2.2 we just got the first format gtk presented us with. So I think
we should make the next GO release with gtk 2.4 only (provided with have
this copy/paste working between AbiWord and Gnumeric.)

  Would this have huge impact on multiple platforms? Particularly Windows?

For mutual embedding we really need proper SVG support. So Gnumeric can
make a SVG representation of itself (same for Abi) and we can embed these
as images in each others applications.

Can we leverage the Inkscape team here, somehow? Is there a virtual printer out there that outputs svg?

We also need a presentation program. I'm of the opinion that it would be
rather easy to re-use about 95% of the AbiWord codebase for this and get
something decent within a year if I do it all myself. It would go much
faster if other developers got involved.

You've got my help, for what that would mean.

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