Re: gnome-office website (was Re: We're removed from FC2 ?)

On Thu, 2004-02-05 at 22:04 -0500, Jody Goldberg wrote:

True.  This is more important than (2) in many ways.  We need to
have good clipboard support at a minimum.

  I (we as a group?) need to map out what features are needed for good 
cross app behavior ( integration is not the word I want here, I think 
).  We might even should establisha  separate bugzilla.

The first major step will be to get someone to actually test things
and file some bugs.   We should be able to cut-n-paste in both
directions with rich content.

How about this for a list
For abi <-> gnumeric
    At a minimum
      - table size
      - alignment
      - fonts
      - colours

For gnumeric <-> gnomedb
      - a test workbook to load data from a sample db

could you give more details on this?

      - a gnumeric backend to gnomedb

hmm, that seems quite straightforward to do. So, what about having it as
part of Gnumeric sources? what should it use to access the file's
contents? libgnumeric?

      - a ui to load content from a db directly

that seems a very good idea also. How would it work?

      - a ui to save content to gnome-db (direct to sql too ?)

also nice, but again, how would it work? That is, should we save all the
gnumeric sheet to the DB, or allow the user to choose what to save?

If you give me some ideas on how to do it, I'll start working on some of
these things straight away.


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