Re: gnome-office website (was Re: We're removed from FC2 ?)

On Thu, Feb 05, 2004 at 05:02:27PM -0800, David Bolack wrote:
At 01:03 PM 2/5/2004, Jody Goldberg wrote:

libgsf is a good start.

with the Gnome-VFS wrapping in place too?

A gnome-vfs wrapping is available in libgsf-gnome, for use when
building with gnome extensions.  It needs testing.  There's also a
bonoboStream wrapper.  It's unclear whether it would be useful to
bother with a BonoboStorage.
hopefully libgoffice will be in place soon and will help take things

  I think, then, one of the primary parts in whatever the first step is 
will be to roadmap this out and establish it in it's own CVS tree.  Then we 
can build a roadmap between the applications at that point and the 
applications in the next "Version" of GnomeOffice.

That puts me on the spot.  Unfortunately I really don't know.  I've
been taking my time trying to do the widgets in GOffice the 'right'
way.  Things look pretty good.  There are a few tasks remaining

1) Rework the plugin interface in gnumeric and move it down.  I
   estimate this will take about a week.
2) Steal the value format engine out of gnumeric.  I had hoped to do
   a rewrite first but there may not be time.
3) Move down any of the gtk/glib utilities.  This is trivial.

However, a win32 build of gnumeric is still my first priority.
We're down to just 2 or 3 small remaining libgnome depends.

True.  This is more important than (2) in many ways.  We need to
have good clipboard support at a minimum.

  I (we as a group?) need to map out what features are needed for good 
cross app behavior ( integration is not the word I want here, I think 
).  We might even should establisha  separate bugzilla.

The first major step will be to get someone to actually test things
and file some bugs.   We should be able to cut-n-paste in both
directions with rich content.

How about this for a list
For abi <-> gnumeric
    At a minimum
        - table size
        - alignment
        - fonts
        - colours

For gnumeric <-> gnomedb
        - a test workbook to load data from a sample db
        - a gnumeric backend to gnomedb
        - a ui to load content from a db directly
        - a ui to save content to gnome-db (direct to sql too ?)

For abi <-> gnomedb
    ?? tests of mail merge ??

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