Re: gnome-office website (was Re: We're removed from FC2 ?)

At 07:04 PM 2/5/2004, Jody Goldberg wrote:
> with the Gnome-VFS wrapping in place too?
A gnome-vfs wrapping is available in libgsf-gnome, for use when
building with gnome extensions.  It needs testing.  There's also a
bonoboStream wrapper.  It's unclear whether it would be useful to
bother with a BonoboStorage.

  Good.  So beating the hell out of Libgsf needs to be a major waypoint.

  I'm trying to work up a list.

That puts me on the spot.  Unfortunately I really don't know.  I've
been taking my time trying to do the widgets in GOffice the 'right'
way.  Things look pretty good.  There are a few tasks remaining

How on the spot it is depends greatly, IMNSHO, on the timetable. I think it's likely insane to expect the first pass at gofficelib to be any less than 6 months from now.

How about this for a list
For abi <-> gnumeric
    At a minimum
        - table size
        - alignment
        - fonts
        - colours

This seems like a solid start. Though I think we need to break this down in depth further. How is this info passed? XHTML? Custom DTD? etc.

It would be nice if we had a usability specialist on hand who could do us up some usability surveys.

For gnumeric <-> gnomedb
        - a test workbook to load data from a sample db
        - a gnumeric backend to gnomedb
        - a ui to load content from a db directly
        - a ui to save content to gnome-db (direct to sql too ?)

  Again, seems reasonable.

For abi <-> gnomedb
    ?? tests of mail merge ??

System for using Abi as the output source for gnomedb reports? ( I'm not familiar with gnomedb, I am afraid. I don't know if it has a report generation system. )

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