Re: Make gnumeric a web-plugin ?

Le jeu 05/02/2004 à 09:25, Haavard Holm a écrit :

I have been looking for a way of including spreadsheet functionality in 
a html-page. Ie.
I want a html page, which includes a spreadsheet, which is initialized 
with a file. The
user should be able to change some entries and the spreadsheet should 

Is there any plans for making gnumeric a web-plugin ? Is this possible ?

You can display spreadsheets with gnumeric in a html page with the help
of mozilla-bonobo (
Unfortunalely, it is not possible to edit the contents of the cells (it
possible to add/delete cells and sheets, edit cells comments, and some
other operations with a right click but it is not really useful).
It would be possible to do it with a new option in the contextual menu
(Edit the cell) and add a dialog box to edit the formula. I do not think
there is any plan for that. However, you can request it with bugzilla.

Best regards,

Jean Brefort

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