Re: Proposed UI changes in 1.3

hi all,

On Sat, 2003-11-08 at 06:29, Jody Goldberg wrote:
Manny feel free to do the work, but in my eyes it pretty much a make
work project.  There are some advantages to only naming things that
are accessed by name.  It gives HIGification/glade editors a hint to
what's important and what's not.

This is exactly how I my experience when hacking other peoples glade files.

When you see one that is clearly named by a human, it indicates not to
mess around with it, as it must be called by the c code.

When you see frame40, you know that you have freedom to muck around 
and change it - which is something you might do when redesigning a gui 
to make it more usable.

I would recommend leaving the generic names as they are a good clue
to glade hackers as to what is flexible and what should is essential
by the program. Removing this distinction will make it harder for 
3rd parties to have a go at improving usability and higifying.


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