Re: Proposed UI changes in 1.3

Am Fr, den 07.11.2003 schrieb Wayne Schuller um 00:33:
hi Christian,

On Tue, 2003-11-04 at 06:06, Christian Neumair wrote:
Here is the list of what I plan to enforce for Gnumeric >1.2 when it
comes to UI:

- Unify Widget Naming Conventions
current situation: all kinds of notations used (e.g. "window56",
objective: all widget's names should be some-function-widgettype (e.g.
"input-label", "input-entry", "ok-button", "scenario-dialog")

Are you talking about the libglade xml names?

I didn't think these were user visible?
No, they aren't. But having a consistent and logical naming is a good
thing and helps us to avoid a lot of hazzle. It makes these files much
more readable.

Do the accessibility tools use these names?
As far as I know, they use them internally - but they aren't displayed.


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