Re: Proposed UI changes in 1.3

On Mon, Nov 03, 2003 at 08:06:47PM +0100, Christian Neumair wrote:

- Clean Up UI
current situation: HIG not completely enforced, many spacings look ugly
since they aren't consistent, instant apply should be used where

Given the number of dialogs in gnumeric, and the relative complexity
of some of them.  We'd be best served by doing layout distinctly
from instant apply.  As soon as things branch we can start HIGifying
individual files, testing the results to ensure that they still
work.  Then coming back and considering specific usability
improvements.  Instant apply is too generic a concept for my taste.

    - col/row width dialogs should not be instant apply, the
      performance for large areas would kill us
    - cell format should not be instant apply even though it could
      because there is utility in seeing what there was, and the
      sample of the new selection.
- Add ATK relations
current situation: rudimentary available
objective: all UI components ATK-ified

Brilliant.  This is extremely important.  We'll need to add atk
support to our custom widgets too.  However, making gnumeric
accessible is on the short list of 1.3.x targets.

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