Re: character is droped when gnumeric reads file

Thank you for Mr.Goldberg and Mr.Veillard, I appreciate the kind and
quick replies. I am sorry for a reply to become slow. Since my english
is very very weak, my reading and writing takes time very much.

On Thu, 21 Nov 2002 22:26:22 -0500
Jody Goldberg <jody gnome org> wrote:

Hello there.  Would you be interested in helping us test the
development verison with japanese characters and input methods ?

I am interested in it. and I think that contributing to them is very
important and good thing. But it is a very difficult thing for me.
Because I have almost no ability for them, my english is weak, I don't
have environment of gnome2. Even so, If I may be able to do, I am glad
and will help.

If who can check this file, I will send it.
Please send me a copy and I'll have a look.

I appreciate your kindness. I send mail with "drop.gnumeric".
(I am sorry, I thought that the name "bug.gnumeric" was impolite.)

Although it is reference, the circumstances which made this are written.

1. gnumeric starts and input "AtoZ" into A3 cell, save as drop.gnumeric
2. cp drop.gnumeric drop.gz ; gunzip drop.gz ; cat -n drop | grep 'AtoZ'
3. head -n <line-number> | wc
4. input characters into A1-2 cell that 'wc' result is 4111
   (means "A" is 4096th bytes, I tried 8192 and 12288)
5. "A" is chaned to "&#065;" by editor
6. gzip drop ; mv drop.gz drop.gnumeric
7. gnumeric drop.gnumeric

ichikawa <ichikawa rd6 so-net ne jp>

Attachment: drop.gnumeric
Description: Binary data

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