character is droped when gnumeric reads file

How do you do. This is my first time post.
My name is Tadaharu Ichikawa, Japanese, live in Japan.
I want to report what may be bugs in gnumeric.
I am very sorry, my english is very weak and there is a wrong expression,
and I have no technologies to read and change source cords.

The contents in problem are as follows.

If character of decimal style (&#xxx;...) is multiple of 4096th bytes on xml,
Some character is droped when gnumeric reads file.
(4096th, 8192nd, 12288th ... bytes. when gnumeric writes xml in first time
 is no problem.)
Correctly, if it exist multiple of 4096th +0 to +3 bytes, this thing happens.
It is no problem in English, But it is problem in Japanese.
I tried to make file what is reproduced. And I did make it.

This is error messages when open it.

[ichikawa xxx]$ gnumeric bug.gnumeric
bug.gnumeric:96: error: xmlParseCharRef: invalid decimal value
        <gmr:Cell Col="0" Row="3" ValueType="60">&#065
bug.gnumeric:96: error: CharRef: invalid xmlChar value 0
        <gmr:Cell Col="0" Row="3" ValueType="60">&#065

"bug.gnumeric" is made by english only. However, "A" is rewrited "&#065;" by me.
If who can check this file, I will send it.

If these things is a known problem, I am sorry.

I use
vine linux 2.5 (Japanese distribution, likes Redhat 7.2, kernel2.4.18)
gnome 1.4
(vine-plus release, But I think that it is almost the same as original.)

I hear that it is also happend on debian.

What a wonderful gnumeric and gnome.
I appreciate gnumeric, your work, and people of gnome project.
ichikawa <ichikawa rd6 so-net ne jp>

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