Quattro Pro Importer was Re: gnumeric-list digest, Vol 1 #755 - 8 msgs

Hi Morten:

Thanks for doing that work!!   If I can be of any assistance in regards to QP, 
just ask (not a programmer here though). I may have a spare old QP handbook, 
so if you need one, I could mail.

Best regards,


Date: 22 Nov 2002 16:05:19 -0000
From: Morten Welinder <terra diku dk>
To: sklimas nrto net
Cc: gnumeric-list gnome org
Subject: Re: gnumeric-list digest, Vol 1 #752 - 1 msg

Thanks a lot!

As a result, the qpro importer will be much improved in the next release
of Gnumeric.  We now handle most formulae -- the financial functions are
not handled yet because they take the args in a different order than


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