Re: building libs enroute to latest gnumeric

On Mon, Nov 11, 2002 at 01:15:13PM -0500, Michael George wrote:
I have garnome-0.18.3 installed and I want to build gnumeric 1.1.11 from CVS.
Jody told me that I should probably get gnumeric, libgnomeprint,
libgnomeprintui, and libgsf from CVS also to have the right libs for building

If you use garnome-0.18.x you're playing in gnome-2.2 land be wary.
Using a mix of 2.0 and 2.2 will get tricky.  Some thing like gedit
will want gnome-print head, while gnumeric doesn't.  You're best bet
would be garnome 0.17.x with custom libgsf and gnumeric.

If you go with cvs for the gnome-print be sure to use the
gnome-2-0 branches.  HEAD has some big changes.

    cvs co -r gnome-2-0 libgnomeprint

However, the first part of the install progress for libgsf says to go to the
directory with the source code and run "./configure".  However, there is no
file called "configure" anywhere in the libgsf source tree...
When building from cvs you run '' rather than configure.
It has exactly the same calling conventions and environment, but
handles the generation of the config scripts.
You'll need to do the same thing with any module you pull from cvs.

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