building libs enroute to latest gnumeric

I have garnome-0.18.3 installed and I want to build gnumeric 1.1.11 from CVS.
Jody told me that I should probably get gnumeric, libgnomeprint,
libgnomeprintui, and libgsf from CVS also to have the right libs for building

I have the CVS thing going and I have the source trees for all 4 packages.

I think I will be able to go into the Makefile to set the library paths and
stuff to point to garnome.

However, the first part of the install progress for libgsf says to go to the
directory with the source code and run "./configure".  However, there is no
file called "configure" anywhere in the libgsf source tree...

Of the three libraries I have, libgsf is critical, so I haven't looked beyond
that one...

I must be missing something easy because I can't be the first one to run into



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