Re: constructive feedback

Just clearing out the last of the delayed mail.

On Sun, Jan 13, 2002 at 01:41:40AM -0600, Dave Johnson wrote:
1) Double clicking on a cell does not cause that cell to go into 
   edit mode.  (V1.0.1)
We'll get to it soon.
2) When clicking once on a formulated cell, highlight where the data
   is originating from.  (much like when your creating the formula
   [like sum(c1:c4) for example, c1:c4 could get highlighted]
We do patrtially support this.  When editing a forumula as the
cursor enters a range in the edit line the corresponding range is
highlighted in the sheet.  It needs work.
3) Is it possible to drag sheets around to re-order them? 
   (As opposed to bringing up a menu item, which is OK, but not as nice)
Nope, but it should be a fairly easy project for someone.

4) No error on why graph guru isn't coming up.  Or what is needed to
   insert a graph.
I'm just too lazy to bother.  With luck the packagers will take care
of installing it nicely.  For the next version we're going to do
things differently.

5) After selecting columns, and selecting a different column width, an
   extra butting for "trying" a different width.
I don't understand.

6) A 150% zoom in scroll down
I don't understand.

7) Ability to see dotted print zones to verify cells will be printed.
This would be a nice addition, we'll see about adding it.

8) Ability to resize fonts to fit cells into print zones.
Not really fixable in 1.0.  Hopefully as the gnome2 print
architecture matures we'll get a better idea of how to do this

9) When hitting the Sum the current cell, be able to use the <control>
   key to highlight individual cells on the spreadsheet to be
I don't understand

10) When using a smaller spreadsheet (33 by N), when I hold down the
    arrow key, it seems to move slowly (this maybe related to my
    key repeating specs in my window manager); however, it starts
    to move, then freezes then skips down a few columns.  
Hmm, could depend on your graphics setup,  this should be pretty

11) Adding and deleting rows or columns seems to be a little slower
    than one would expect (for a spreadsheet thats 33 by N) 
    (when this is compared to "the competition")
True.  The development branch has improved this, but it is still not
something we've tried to optimize for.

12) Does glade allow for menu options/movement of menu bars to
    be side by side?  Also maybe splitting up some of the menus
    like font type, text placement, cell formating.
Its not glade related.  The non-bonobo build should allow you to
drag them.  The bonobo build does not support it.

13) How does one unhide rows?  (Did a quick search in the manual 
    I couldn't find this), was forced to undo change.
Select the cols/rows to either side of the hidden region and unhide.

* Please excuse me if one of these are already integrated, on 
  the operating table, or on the road map.  You probably have
  other important items to tackle; however, user friendliness 
  is somewhat important, right?
No excuses necessary please keep up the feedback.  It would be
easier for us to manage if you could file them notes in bugzilla.
Don't be shy.  I'd rather have things recorded,

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