Re: constructive feedback

On Mon, Jul 15, 2002 at 05:25:34PM +1000, Phillip Shelton wrote:
5) After selecting columns, and selecting a different column width, an
   extra butting for "trying" a different width.
I don't understand.

   A sort of 'try before you commit to the change' button.
Ahh, We only show feedback for 1 column not many.  In that case I'd
suggest just using undo.

6) A 150% zoom in scroll down
   My guess would be an extra magnification ratio in the drop down menu for
the viewing scale.
Ask and you shall receive.  Added in 1.1.

9) When hitting the Sum the current cell, be able to use the <control>
   key to highlight individual cells on the spreadsheet to be
   When you hit Sum the current cell, excel will make an guess that you want
to sum all the numbers that are beside or above that cell for as far as it
can sensibly go. Then if you hold down the <control> key you can add extra
cells to the sumation by clicking on them with the mouse pointer.
Like most of these issues it would get implemented alot faster if
someone submitted a bug with a write up of what XL does in the
various cases.  How does it choose position and direction for the
initial guess ?

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