Re: Gnumeric

On Tue, Feb 26, 2002 at 12:44:30PM +0530, SUNIL VEREKAR wrote:
I am using  gnumeric-0.54-4 which opens excel 95 format files..
This is a very old version, even older than this message.

 At presently what i do to make lotus files to open on gnumeric: lotus 123 or wk1 files in lotus Smartsuite on windows 9x
2.Save the file in Excel 97 format( this does have option to save the
 file in excel 95 format)
Why do you want to save in excel 95 format ?  Gnumeric can read all
XL formats after XL4 (including XP).  Open the xls directly in gnumeric.

To do a bulk conversion is not difficult, but I've never bothered
writing the convenience wrapper to do it.  With the current
improvements in the development tree it is quite simple.

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