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Am Sam, 2002-01-19 um 03.10 schrieb Jody Goldberg:
On Fri, Jan 18, 2002 at 11:39:38AM +0100, Thomas Emmel wrote:

guppi:gnumeric-CRITICAL **: file guppi-gnumeric-graph.c: line 860
(gup_gnm_graph_generate_series): assertion `manager->arrangement_len >= 1' failed.
guppi:gnumeric-CRITICAL **: file guppi-gnumeric-plot-bar.c: line 71 (bar_plot): assertion `series != 
NULL' failed.
These can be ignored.  It was generated when you did not specify any
data before activating the guru.  It has been fixed in CVS.

I can't find the default fonts needed by Guppi.
In 99% of all cases, this means that there is a problem with
your installed version of gnome-print.

OK! Reinstall gnome-print, found one error during installation, fixed
it... but all errors remain (not to mention that I have done oaf-slay
and delete /tmp/orbit-emmel ...)

Can anyone tell me what the default fonts for guppi are???
Helvetica.  This is critical.  Try gnome-print HEAD. It has some
fixes that solved the problems for me.  Failing that edit guppi to
select any font listed in your fontmap files.  It may be ugly but it
will work.

Compiling gnome-print from cvs solved the problem (after changing some
lines of code in gnome-print...)!
Since there were several problems with that package in the past, how
about resolving some problems in those packages (e.g. gnome-print)
needed by many others (gnumeric, Guppi, evolution...) prior making
complicated solutions and fixes in the applications using these
I mean put some pressure on the people maintaining these packages?
Just a thought...


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