Gnumeric 1.0.3

Gnumeric 1.0.3 is now available.

        This release syncs up with Guppi 0.40.3.  The graphing
        interface has been improved a bit.  Several other extensions
        have come in under the wire before the Gnome2 port takes
        over the development tree.  Many thanks the Andreas, Neil,
        and the testers for their valiant attempt to make the COUP
        functions MS Excel (tm) compatible.  When it was revealed
        that Excel was not compatible with itself, they were able to
        simplify the code, and limit the calculations to being

        I've back-ported a nice performance patch for
        It is NOT enabled by default but the code can be triggered
        by toggling a #define in src/eval.c.  The patch appears to
        work smoothly, but I'm not going to monkey with the
        dependency engine in the stable branch, even for 2 orders of

* Improvements

        * Enable Add/Delete Series for Graph Guru.              (Jody)
        * Support Dates in axis.                                (Jody)
        * Redo  COUP_ functions one more time, ignoring XL.     (Andreas)
        * Improve expression entry widget                       (Andreas)
        * Preload selections in analysis tools                  (Andreas)
        * Update the icon.                                      (Jakub Steiner)
        * Improve usability of Graph Guru data selectors.       (Jody)
        * More work on XL import for 3d references.             (Jody)
        * Update the xml schema.                                (Jody)
        * Small optimisation to shrink xml in .gnumeric files.  (Jody)
        * Polish the sheet object editing.                      (Jody)
        * Document the Black-Scholes routines.                  (Neil Booth)
        * Audit the dialogs for accelerators.                   (Wayne Schuller)

* Fun

        * New tabulation tool.                                  (Morten)
        * Import checkbox links from XL.                        (Jody)
        * Add scrollbars and import them from XL.               (Jody)

* Translations

        * Christian Rose (sv), Takeshi Aihana (ja), Valek Filippov (ru)
        Zbigniew Chyla (pl), Roy-Magne Mo (nn), Stanislav Visnovsky (sk)

* Availability

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