Re: Graphing Trouble (RedHat 7.2 packages) .... and again old errors

Am Don, 2002-01-17 um 16.13 schrieb Vladimir Vuksan:
On Thu, 2002-01-17 at 09:45, Mellor Mike wrote:

I am having trouble getting Gnumeric to do any 
graphing (RH 7.2 on a x86 machine).  Using Ximian 
Gnumeric .71 and Guppi .35, clicking on the chart 
button opens the wizard, but there are no choices to 
be made (the pull down lists are empty).  I tried 
upgrading to Guppi .40 and Gnumeric 1.0.1 (ASP Linux 
RPM), but that does not even open the chart wizard.

Ximian stuff is grossly outdated :-(.

Can I do graphing with Guppi .35 (I need .35 for 
GnuCash to work)?

You can't.
If I need to upgrade to Guppi .40, will it work with 
Gnumeric .71?

Go to

Download gnumeric-1.0.1, Guppi 0.40* and libgal15.

Just thought, hey good idea and try my "I don't know how many"
reinstallation of gnumeric/Guppi...
Before I cant use Guppi, cause it delivers all these bonobo errors and
a blank diagram screen. Now after this installation I have an old friend

** WARNING **: 'IDL:CORBA/COMM_FAILURE:1.0' : while attempting to
activate a graphing component.
oaf-run-query "repo_ids.has('IDL:GNOME/Gnumeric/Graph_v1/Manager:1.0')"
should return a value.

but the funny thing is that 
oaf-run-query "repo_ids.has('IDL:GNOME/Gnumeric/Graph_v1/Manager:1.0')"
number of results: 1

and that is in fact a value...
So am I completely alone in this world with a gnumeric without any
Guppi??? Just one piece of a small diagram! Please.... 

Is there anyone else solved this problem?
My distributions was a SuSE7.1 (long ago). Gnome is currently from 
mandrake cooker, gnumeric and Guppi from
And the rest is KDE and floating...


Install them and you should be in good shape. Works great for me on a RH
7.2 system.


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