Re: Some Plotting Problems HowTo

On Thu, Jan 10, 2002 at 01:08:20PM -0800, Adrian Custer wrote:
gnome-print 0.30ish is broken
As is 0.31.  The main problem is that it tends to crash when faced
with a missing font from another encoding.

gnome-print  0.29 works and 0.31/0.32 works for some people. 0.30 fails
for at least some. Get either 0.29 or 0.31/0.32 rpms. I use a Mandrake
0.31rpm and it works.
I'd reccomend == 0.29 or >= 0.32

Note on the rpm build. If you  want to build gnumeric with rpm, the spec
file in the tarball expects a tar.gz whereas gnumeric is currently
compressed with bzip2. The easiest work around is to unbzip2 gnumeric
and then gzip it:
Can we please fix the spec file too ?

guppi rpm build fails
guppi by default installs in /usr/local/... but this doesn't work for
orbit or oaf (not sure which). 
This is specific to your distribution.  Guppi supports prefixes the
same as all other packages.
 The key aspect to getting things installed correctly is to
 understand gnome-config.  You need to either
 1) Install all gnome software using the same --prefix=
 2) use GNOME_PATH to bring all of the different prefixes together.

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