Some Plotting Problems HowTo

Hey all,

I spent last night trying to figure this out with a user and we ran into
all the currently known problems (as far as I can tell).

guppi installs in the wrong place for oaf.
gnome-print 0.30ish is broken
guppi does not build rpm's correctly
gnumeric is in the wrong compression format for its spec file.

We all start this process in different places so let's get our machines
into a more or less consistent state.

gnome-print  0.29 works and 0.31/0.32 works for some people. 0.30 fails
for at least some. Get either 0.29 or 0.31/0.32 rpms. I use a Mandrake
0.31rpm and it works.

Make sure you have ORBit installed.

A quick way to check that all is installed correctly is to run configure
in the gnumeric tarball. The guile requirement will complain for
everyone not using 1.5+ version of guile but it is not important. Other
complaints need to be delt with by installing the right software.

gnumeric rpms all work.
rpm build works (with a workaround)
source build works.
Essentially this means gnumeric is not your problem. Note you may need
the *-devel-*rpm to build guppi so if your distro splits gnumeric you
may need 2 rpms to continue. 

Note on the rpm build. If you  want to build gnumeric with rpm, the spec
file in the tarball expects a tar.gz whereas gnumeric is currently
compressed with bzip2. The easiest work around is to unbzip2 gnumeric
and then gzip it:
(takes a while)
gzip gnumeric...tar
(goes faster)
put the new file (gnumeric...tar.gz) into
/usr/src/RPMS/SOURCE/  (on mandrake)
then to build.
rpm -tb path/to/the/tarball/gnumeric...tar.gz
you may need to be root to build depending on the permissions.
the rpm build will put the rpm below
in a directory with the architecture you use (e.g. i586)
hunt around.
then as root do
rpm -Uvh /path/to/rpm/gnumeric-1.0.1.rpm

(it's guppi3 in cvs)

guppi rpm build fails
guppi by default installs in /usr/local/... but this doesn't work for
orbit or oaf (not sure which). 

Workaround. When you build guppi give it the prefix /usr/ as in:

tar xzf guppi-0.42.2.tar.gz
cd guppi-0.42.2
./configure --prefix=/usr/
(and as root)
make install

guppi has been pretty clean at 'make uninstall' so your system should
survive when rpm's become available.

zoom the view with the mouse buttons. Play with the limited
configuration stuff by right clicking on the edge of the plot area (near
the black handles works well)

Anyone else with problem please edit this and repost to the lists. I've
probably forgotten something. :-)


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