Re: "Too many cells" messages on import of Excel files

Jody Goldberg wrote:

On Tue, Jan 01, 2002 at 01:09:22PM -0600, Brian Fahrlander wrote:

"old" a file she can make, but when she loads her "current" version, very few of the macros are supported (or SOMETHING) and when she goes to
We do not support VBA macros yet.

Probably a good idea, given the virus BS that's floating around these days. :)

save it she gets a "too many rows" message, with very little else to go on.

This was fixed in newer versions of gnumeric (~ 0.76?).  The problem
stemed from a poor handling of formats applied to entire columns.
XL95 only supported 16k rows, and gnumeric was overly careful not to
loose information (the formats) in the 16k-64k range.  Newer
versions handle this more elegantly.  You can work arond it for now
by manually selecting and deleting all rows > 16k.

I'm pretty sure there's nothing IN the 16,000 range, maybe something accidental, it's not really that big a sheet, but it gives us something to try.

I haven't seen any information on how to communicate with contemporary machines; is the '95 version the only one in use? Are there any ways around this? Maybe there's something we're doing wrong?

Newer versons of XL can still read XL95, and gnumeric can read all
versions >= Excel4 so you should have no problem.  There is an XL97
exporter (the format did not change much after that) but it was
disabled until it is more stable

We're using the next-to-most-current release of Gnumeric; it came through Ximian, and when the 1.0 comes out, we'll get it from Ximian, too. (Should be kinda soon, right?)

They're working on it now.

Cool; thanks so much for the response! I'll get her set up with the newest version as soon as it comes out!

   Thanks again!

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