RE: "Too many cells" messages on import of Excel files

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This was fixed in newer versions of gnumeric (~ 0.76?).  The problem
stemed from a poor handling of formats applied to entire columns.
XL95 only supported 16k rows, and gnumeric was overly careful not to
loose information (the formats) in the 16k-64k range.  Newer
versions handle this more elegantly.  You can work arond it for now
by manually selecting and deleting all rows > 16k.

    I'm pretty sure there's nothing IN the 16,000 range, 
maybe something 
accidental, it's not really that big a sheet, but it gives us 
to try.

gnumeric would assume that there was something in those cells if you had
done a `format this column' even if there was nothing else in the

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