Re: Bug in BUGS?

[Andreas J. Guelzow]

  in the BUGS file it states under long term breakage:
  - "-display foo:0.0" needs to be handled, somehow.
  Could somebody with more than one display

(you can use Xnest or another server instance on a different console.)

  please try whether --display infact works? In that case we should
  probably delete that item from BUGS.

--display does indeed work, but the BUGS entry says -display, which is
the name X applications use for this option.


        gnome_init_with_popt_table (
                "gnumeric", VERSION, argc, argv, gnumeric_popt_options, 
                POPT_ARGFLAG_ONEDASH, &ctx);

may solve this problem, it also makes -geometry work.  (I haven't
tested it.)

Kjetil T.               abusing standards for the greater good

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