Re: Rounding??

On Jun 12, 2001 -  5:38 PM Morten Welinder wrote:

   Certainly but when you provide a mapping from one space (binary) to the
   display space (decimal) is important that the display understands its
   (numeric) context.  

Users expect it, but it is not possible.

An accountant will want "0.365" rounded to "0.36".  A mathematician
will want "0.37".  Someone is not going to like the result.  The
mathematician also wants "=sin(pi/4)-cos(pi/4)" to yield zero.  Don't
count on it.

Couldn't you have a preferences sort of dialog that has an option like
"Round up/Round down)
Yield 0 from sine(pi/4)-cos(pi/4)

Something along those lines. Maybe this is what you are all getting at...
I think it definately has to be consistent, even if it is less efficient that
way. Users are going to have to be getting what they expect.

Right now we are consistent in the best-approximation sense[*], I
hope.  And no-one is happy, because -- as you say -- people generally
do not think in binary.

See the 0.62 release notes in your NEWS file for more information.


[*] The value of every subexpression is "rounded" to nearest valid
    binary representable value.

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