Re: Rounding??

[Nicholas Lee]

  (*) In fact its an inconsistent bug, since things like 3.555 round
  correctly at all dp, but 3.375 doesnt a 2 dp.

Correct rounding is difficult.  If a value falls exactly between the
two candidates, it should choose the candidate which is _even_.

In other words, if the previous digit is odd, you should round up, but
if it is even, you should round down.  This gives a fair result when
used on prices.

  3.55 -> 3.6
  3.45 -> 3.4

Just rounding 5-9 upwards is to the disadvantage of customers.

Evidently, Gnumeric doesn't do this.  I guess it would be incompatible
with Excel...

Kjetil T.

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