Re: wishlist: file export feature

On Monday 24 December 2001 09:12 am, Andreas J. Guelzow wrote:
Chuck Esterbrook wrote:
Or even use attributes, assuming that spreadsheets will ignore
attributes they are unfamilar with (a fairly safe assumption):

... <td formula="a1+a2"> 45 </td> ...

This does _not_ work for HTML. The standards don't allow for
undefined attributes.

Did you try it? Because this _does_ work for HTML. I tested the 
following file successfully in 5 browsers (Mozilla, Konqueror, Lynx, 
Galeon and Opera):



<tr> <td bgcolor=#eeeeee formula="a1+a2"> 45 </td> </tr>


This also makes sense from a developer's perspective. What programmer 
would write a browser that fails on an attribute or tag it hasn't seen 
before? And how many people would actually use it?

When it comes to browsers, standards are one thing, and reality is 


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