Re: wishlist: file export feature

On Sunday 23 December 2001 01:02 pm, Dan Drake wrote:
Yes! Although there is some slight difference between conversion to
html and conversion to xls: the html is just a "static" file, but the
xls file is another spreadsheet format in which you need to store
formulas. I don't know what impact this difference would have on
coding those utilities, but it might be useful to keep that in mind.

You could store the formulas in HTML comments and therefore still pick 
up the full spreadsheet upon reading it later:

... <td> 45 <!-- = a1+a2 --> </td> ...

Or even use attributes, assuming that spreadsheets will ignore 
attributes they are unfamilar with (a fairly safe assumption):

... <td formula="a1+a2"> 45 </td> ...


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