wishlist: file export feature

Looking through the archives, I believe this was mentioned sometime last
year. I'd like to be able to convert a gnumeric spreadsheet to html (or
other formats) without loading the gnumeric GUI. This would make
conversion from the xml-based format to html scriptable, which is what I
would like. Ideally, I would be able to do something like this:

$ gnumeric --convert myfile.gnumeric --toformat=html --outputfile=myfile.html

and it would automagically convert the file, just like doing a "Save

Has there been any thought given to this problem? If you guys could do
this, I'd swear undying allegiance to gnumeric and never use StarOffice
again. :)



(I'm interested in this, btw, because I'm a teaching assistant at a
university, and students often want to know what their scores have been.
With this, I could convert my gradebook to html, use a perl script to
remove all of the students except one, and then email the student his or
her scores.)

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