Re: wishlist: file export feature

On Fri, Dec 21, 2001 at 05:47PM -0500, Alex Barnes wrote:
OK, now I get it.  So, I suppose you could dump the data out of gnumeric
and then recalculate everything in perl, but then what would be the
point of having it in gnumeric in the first place?

Exactly! These wonderful gnumeric coders have put all this hard work
into a nice spreadsheet; no need to reinvent the wheel.

Yeah, it really seems like there should be a whole slate of file format
conversion tools that can be used on the command line: gnumeric2html,
gnumeric2csv, gnumeric2xls, etc.  

Yes! Although there is some slight difference between conversion to html
and conversion to xls: the html is just a "static" file, but the xls
file is another spreadsheet format in which you need to store formulas.
I don't know what impact this difference would have on coding those
utilities, but it might be useful to keep that in mind.

I'm glad this is being worked on. Thanks, everybody.


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