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On 3/1/06, Damien Sandras <dsandras seconix com> wrote:
Le mercredi 01 mars 2006 à 11:20 -0500, Wayne Veilleux a écrit :
> This is true Damien, I correct it to 5060 and I still
> have the "Not Acceptable" connection failed but I
> think it is because I'm behind a firewall (NetSceen).

That is because you are behind NAT and trying to register a private
address. You should :
- forward port 5060 from your router to the Asterisk router
- configure Asterisk to register the public IP of the router and not the
local private IP of your Asterisk server

Put nat=yes in your sip.conf

and it will work.

> Do I have to connect to a specifical host on
> network using nat-transversal ?
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