Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Re: GnomeMeeting 1.2 and Skype

Hi Damien,

> > Anyone knows what's happening on the side of the SIP/H323 standards with
> > regards to NAT? Any planned standard enhancements?
> > 
> The problem is not with SIP or H.323. The problem is with NAT itself.
> The day when the Linux Kernel and most hardware routers will natively
> support SIP (or H.323), then you will have no problem to go through NAT
> with software like GnomeMeeting.

the whole issue would ameliorate if UDP was replaced by SCTP in H323 and
SIP. Then routers could use regular connection tracking like with TCP
and you still got the speed and "reliability" of UDP. That way most
probably the IETF will "fix" SIP over NAT as a general resolution.

> Perhaps it is too late for H.323, but most hardware routers start
> supporting SIP natively, which means that you can be behind that router,
> and call anybody without any problem. Of course, at least one port
> forward is still required if you want to be able to receive incoming
> calls.

unless you have UPnP on the router and your workstation does advertise
the port for you. Then the router might magically "know" where you are
without having you to specify it manually.

Best regards,

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