[GnomeMeeting-list] Re: GnomeMeeting 1.2 and Skype

Hello Joao,

Having echo cancellation in GnomeMeeting has been on the TODO list for

However, I'm a bit suprised by what you are telling me about the audio
quality because it is using iLBC just as GnomeMeeting is, so I don't see
how the audio quality could be superior.

I'll try by myself, I'm not a victim (yet) of their marketing system.

Le mercredi 06 octobre 2004 à 12:31 +0100, Joao Fraga a écrit :
> Hi Damien
> Regarding your comments about Skype, I agree with you on the matter of 
> locking users to a proprietary protocol.
> But on the technical side, I must admit that Skype is excellent. The 
> audio quality is very good, better than anything I've seen so far. And, 
> most important of all, it cancels echo! I was amazed to be able to talk 
> without using headphones. And I mean both parties not using headphones!
> Gnomemeeting has still some major advantages: it has video, it is 
> open-source, and it uses an open protocol. I just wished it cancelled 
> echo...
> Keep up the good work!
> Joao
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