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Craig Southeren wrote:
I sent a suggestions earlier today, which does not appear to got t the

My suggestion was to consider denying registrations from endpoints
providing an IP address that is in the IANA ranges reserved for private
LANs, i.e. 10/8, 172.16/12, and 192.168/16. This would weed out users
who are trying to register from behind NAT firewall but have not enabled
some kind of NAT traveral. There is no way that anyone who sends addresses
in those ranges to the ILS can possibly receive calls, so it a safe bet
to disable them.

Yes this is a better idea.

If an appropriate error message could also be sent to the user, so much
the better

Yes I think a message is needed that includes an appropriate error message becouse new users have little chance to figure out what is going on.


On Mon, 15 Mar 2004 08:20:19 +0100
PUYDT Julien <julien puydt laposte net> wrote:

On lun, 2004-03-15 at 08:06, Johnny Strom wrote:

This have one bad side effect at least for me.
A lot of problems in GM have I noticed from users calling
from the ILS now there will not be any test calls from users
with random configurations anymore. Because all the users on
ILS now have a working system so they will not try to call me or someone else.

I don't think so. Quite the contrary, in fact: they'll know right away
that they have a big configuration problem. And once they can be called,
and can register, they can get on testing just like before.

The new scheme doesn't ensure they have a perfect configuration; it just
ensure it passes basic sanity checks!

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