Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] odd audio failure

Hi Guillaume,

> So this is intended to use on the lan of the NM user, but on on a *nix
> or bsd machine, used as a firewall for instance.
> But not on my (GM) side ? 

well, the nmproxy does proxy h323. so it's of no difference if it's NM
or GM. (it could even be ohphone or openphone)
The whole idea behind nmproxy is to reduce the random UDP ports used for
RTP being narrowed down into a small band which you can selectively open
and forward in your firewall. So the nmproxy doesn't even need to be run
on your firewall, but can be on any machine on the LAN. the function is
thus somewhat similar to the DUAL proxy for Windows.

You don't need it for GM howsoever, as GM already has the option to
limit UDP ports used for RTP and H.245. But if you change exclusively
from NM to GM, it's an easy setup. (you might need same IP for Win/Lin
to have incoming calls forwarded to the NM/GM correcly if you don't want
to relaunch the proxy with new config every time you change OS)

Alternatively you can change the h323-listener-port of GM to 1740 and
then the two will be working side-by-side without disturbing each other,
if you stick to the default portrange given on the nmproxy website.
(your GM will transmit the correct port to the ILS automatically)

Best regards,

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