Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] gm 0.98.5 build problem (Debian)

fre, 19.12.2003 kl. 23.37 skrev Kilian Krause:
> Hi Herman,
> >  No I did not.  Things went a little better with those installed.
> > But it does not detect the iSight.  Gscanbus shows that there is
> > an "Apple" device on the firewire, so it's alive and reachable.
> try with the "libpt-plugins-avc" even though you don't think it does
> match your cam... improvements?

 Well, it works with the videocamera, but iSight is still no go.
Coriander 0.99.5-1 does not detect it, either.  There was a
comment in the changelog that made me hope for some more:

 " - go around problems with Apple iSight incomplete hardware."
(November 17, 2003)

 But no.


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