Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] gm 0.98.5 build problem (Debian)

Hi Herman,

Am Fr, den 19.12.2003 schrieb Herman Robak um 22:32:
>  I get this compilation error when I run dpkg-buildpackage:
> xdap.c: In function `parseonly':
> xdap.c:162: error: incompatible types in assignment
> xdap.c: At top level:
> xdap.c:107: warning: `registerNode' defined but not used
> xdap.c:114: warning: `deregisterNode' defined but not used

i've just checked the debian source of gnomemeeting and it's due to the
upgraded libxml2 (2.6.x) package that you need to patch one line before
it'll build fine..

In lib/xdap/xdap.c change line 159 to:
"  xmlSAXHandlerV1 sax;"
instead of 
"  xmlSAXHandler sax;"

then it'll compile just fine again.. A new source will be uploaded (with
some other minor fixes) to SID hopefully soon ;)

Best regards,

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