Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] gm 0.98.5 build problem (Debian)

Hi Herman,

>  I won't mind.  You will provide some hand-holding, won't you? :-)

sure.. just beyond a certain level we should take this to the
gm-devel-list ;)

> > We currently can only ship DC drivers, but we cannot test them, so you'd
> > be welcome to try =)
>  iSight should be DC compliant, I think.  It is not a DV (AVC) camera.

ok, that'd be great!

> I installed from the CVS apt source, and now Gnomemeeting complains
> about missing sound manager and gnomemeeting.server, and then quits.

hmmm, ok, let's see:
1.) you added "deb sid main" to
sources.list and ran "apt-get update"
2.) you ran "apt-get install gnomemeeting-cvs libpt-plugins-oss
libpt-plugins-alsa libpt-plugins-dc" ?

Best regards,

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