Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] gm 0.98.5 build problem (Debian)

Hi Herman,
> > what kind of Debian dist are you running?
>  Debian Sid.

ok, that one should be safe and shipping with everything needed to
compile GM ;)

> > And moreover, why are you compiling yourself, whereas we have all Debian
> > dists covered with recent versions?
>  I want support for firewire cameras.  I made it work
> with my DV camera, although the framerate was dissapointing.
> Now I want to try with the Apple iSight ieee1394 camera.

Am i right to expect the iSight to be a IEEE1394 DC version then? If so,
you could give us a great hand testing the CVS snapshots debs against DC
We currently can only ship DC drivers, but we cannot test them, so you'd
be welcome to try =)

> > I think I know that error, it was pretty easy to fix and I gotta dig the
> > archives.. anyway I'd like to know why this is needed anyway =)
>  See above.  Gnomemeeting doesn't come with all the 
> supported features compiled in.

well, only until the upcoming version.. i'll try to do some experimental
packs (going into experimental instead of sid for now) with the upcoming
GNOME2.5 release beta... but as far as this goes you can try with the
CVS snaps from

As I don't really know how good the firewire support in 0.98.5 is
working, only 3 comments so far:
1.) you'd need to also compile IEEE1394 into libpt-1.5.2 (GM alone will
not be able to set IEEE1394 on go)
2.) it may be a problem with SID to compile 0.98.5 due to recent
upgraded packages, i haven't tried for a while, but there was before the
debian servers hack.
3.) some of those xdap.c code will give warnings anyway.. so don't
expect everything to quiet on STDERR with 0.98.5 *gg* ... just as long
as it's only a warning it shouldn't hurt though ;)

Best regards,

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