Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Connection to servers

Le mar 09/12/2003 à 09:06, Malcolm Caldwell a écrit :

> OK - I have hacked an implementation of 1 into opengk.  All in all it
> took me 45 minutes (someone who know pwlib could have done it quicker!)
> Apply the patch below, run
>  opengk -x -l log.txt 
> and point galeon at http://hostname:1719/who
> You will see a page with links to the users who are registered.

Thanks for your patch! You could probably propose it to the authors of
the GK.

> This took me next to no time to implement - I think extending a
> gatekeeper is a much better solution than using ils.

I disagree (see preceding mail). In both case, you are using
non-standard things, both are bad.

Nortel software is using LDAP instead of ILS, I think that's the way to
go. But don't forget people are still using ILS to be compatible with
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