RE: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnome Meeting 0.94.0

Le ven 22/11/2002 à 10:21, Damien Sandras a écrit :

> > 'Gasp... --nodeps and you wonder why it fails?' tells me nothing.

> Well, it means that when you install a package with --nodeps, you can
> have several problems because you won't be warned that you broke
> dependancies and thus that your system is broken. Respecting
> dependancies is very important. A package won't work if deps are broken.

More precisely, "--nodeps" means: "install, but don't tell me I haven't
met all required dependancies, count on me to take care of them!".

Then it installs things, counting on _you_ to take care of
dependancies... which is a bad idea if you don't know them perfectly.

I can't point you to a good documentation/program that will explain you
how to solve the dependancies problems, since I'm not using that
distribution, but I can tell you this is an option even experienced
users don't use often!

Don't worry too much: you only used it to install gm, so that won't have
too terrible consequences on your system...

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