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I have reinstalled SuSE 8. I'll give these new rpms a try later this morning
as I need to go to work to 'fix' a windows machine. Then I'm off for the
weekend to explore Linux.

I should not probably ask this here but this SIG seems to be very helpful
when questions arise.

	I've downloaded from SuSE the entire Gnome2 rpms from SuSE.
	If I try to install one, it tells me it needs a file before
	it can do so. The command I use is:

			rpm -Uhv filename.rpm

Is it possible to wildcard the rpms and get them to install properly,
respecting dependancies, or do I have do them one at a time until all
dependancies are meet?

Can I wildcard the 5 rpms from and get them to install

I'm not sure if my recent install added the "apt-get" program or not. I'll
check when I return from work.

As a great actor said ........ I'll be back!


Dave, VE5DGD

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New Suse Rpms have been uploaded.
The new package will hopefully resolve problems with the schema
installation. This release is only needed for persons installing
Gnome2 and gnomemeeting the first time, it is not needed for anyone who
has a running gnomemeeting.

Thanks Stefan!
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