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Okay, well, being really new to Linux I was unable to install the packages I
downloaded because just about everyone complained about dependencies. I
tried something from the book.

SuSE didn't install OpenLDAP or SDL so I had it install them. It also didn't
install 'iso_ent', 'sgml-skel' or 'pkgconfig'. This I had to get YaST to

The files on the SuSE sight for Gnome2 are now on my computer. So how do I
install all of them without getting the dependancy problems!

'Gasp... --nodeps and you wonder why it fails?' tells me nothing.


Dave, VE5DGD

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Le jeu 21/11/2002 à 00:18, David Dunster a écrit :
> I installed everything using rpm -i --nodeps filename.rpm

Gasp... --nodeps and you wonder why it fails?


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