Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Help!! - ALSA crashes my Gnomemeeting

On 08 Nov 2002 09:05:03 +0100
Damien Sandras <dsandras seconix com> wrote:

> Nope, unfortunately, several users have reported (also in private
> mails) that compiling ALSA themselves doesn't fix any problem. I
> wonder if there is not a conflict between a RedHat patch for the
> kernel and ALSA...

Strange, in PLD Linux kernel 2.4.19 there are several hundred patches
(some are from rawhide) and alsa 0.9.x is rock solid :-))

Zawsze kiedy jest problem, jest jakieś rozwiązanie;
 zatem jeśli nie ma rozwiązania, nie ma problemu.

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