Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Netmeeting compatibility

On Wed, 2002-11-06 at 15:25, Damien Sandras wrote:
> Le mer 06/11/2002 à 21:59, Chris Tooley a écrit :
> > On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 15:12, Damien Sandras wrote:
> > > They do, of course, but the problem is to add them to Netmeeting...
> > > 
> > Of course my problems would go away if the gsm codec for Netmeeting were
> > easier to install.  I know that may sound insane to some people, but
> > requiring that it be in the Netmeeting directory means that I have to
> > explain to my family how to get to the C drive and what that is. As
> > bizarre as that might sound, my mom has never used anything except XP
> > and doesn't know what "My Computer" is.
> > 
> I can't do anything for that. Moreover, Im not a windows coder.
> Actually, this is a great mistery why Netmeeting doesn't provide the
> MS-GSM codec. The codec is installed by default on windows. The .exe on
> doesn't install the codec, it just "unlocks" it.

I didn't know that (about it being already installed)!  Learn something
new from this list all the time....

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