[GnomeMeeting-list] Two (2) webcams


I am trying to hook up two webcams to my computer simultaneously, and use
gnomemeeting to monitor one or both. Both are identical Kensington se401
USB cameras, and I have had some success using both simultaneously in a
previous version of GnomeMeeting, but am having a few troubles with
GnomeMeeting 0.85.1. Actually, with a version I used a few months ago, I
was able to open up two cameras with simultaneously, but now they just
seem to clobber each other.

Currently, I have the cameras set up on /dev/video0 and /dev/video1. If I
load gnomemeeting, it will load video0 successfully.  I am able to switch
from one camera to the other without any trouble in the preferences. But,
if I open up another instance of gnomemeeting, I get an error: "Could
not start new listener thread...", the new gnomemeeting window opens up
video1 (successfully), and then I get a message sayoing "Error while
opening video device....a test image will be transmitted.". I can not
figure out any acrobatics to have both images open simultaneously.

As a side note, I am unable to do even this on Windows (tm), so this
is a testament to the quality of your software and linux's flexibility.

This is what I would like to have happen: I want two launchers that sit on
my desktop. Clicking on one will open video0 in gnomemeeting; clicking on
the other will open video1.  I would like to be able to have both open
simultaneously, but that is of secondary importance. Is there a way this
can be done? Does the gnome2 version allow it? Is there a command-line
option for specifying which device to use? Is that in a config file
somewhere?  Barring these (easy) solutions, do you think there might be
a simple hack that would allow me to make my own custom version that
would work this way?

Thanks, and please cc me because I'm not on this list.

Shane T. Mueller

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