Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Two (2) webcams

GnomeMeeting 0.85 uses GConf, the Gnome Configuration Database.
Using GConf, if the program is well-written, you can use any other
program (like gconf-editor) to change the configuration in real time.

If you change the configuration for your user, that configuration will
change for all gnomemeeting instances for that user.

So if GM A uses /dev/video0, as soon as you will choose /dev/video1 in
GM B, GM A will switch too to /dev/video1.

The easiest solution that I see is to run the second GM under another
That way, you can also change the listening_port for the second GM
without changing it for the 1st one too.

Use for example : gconftool --set
"/apps/gnomemeeting/general/listen_port" 1740 --type=int

This setting is not in the prefs cause it is an advanced setting.

Le mer 05/06/2002 à 05:33, Shane Thomas Mueller a écrit :
> Hi,
> I am trying to hook up two webcams to my computer simultaneously, and use
> gnomemeeting to monitor one or both. Both are identical Kensington se401
> USB cameras, and I have had some success using both simultaneously in a
> previous version of GnomeMeeting, but am having a few troubles with
> GnomeMeeting 0.85.1. Actually, with a version I used a few months ago, I
> was able to open up two cameras with simultaneously, but now they just
> seem to clobber each other.
> Currently, I have the cameras set up on /dev/video0 and /dev/video1. If I
> load gnomemeeting, it will load video0 successfully.  I am able to switch
> from one camera to the other without any trouble in the preferences. But,
> if I open up another instance of gnomemeeting, I get an error: "Could
> not start new listener thread...", the new gnomemeeting window opens up
> video1 (successfully), and then I get a message sayoing "Error while
> opening video device....a test image will be transmitted.". I can not
> figure out any acrobatics to have both images open simultaneously.
> As a side note, I am unable to do even this on Windows (tm), so this
> is a testament to the quality of your software and linux's flexibility.
> This is what I would like to have happen: I want two launchers that sit on
> my desktop. Clicking on one will open video0 in gnomemeeting; clicking on
> the other will open video1.  I would like to be able to have both open
> simultaneously, but that is of secondary importance. Is there a way this
> can be done? Does the gnome2 version allow it? Is there a command-line
> option for specifying which device to use? Is that in a config file
> somewhere?  Barring these (easy) solutions, do you think there might be
> a simple hack that would allow me to make my own custom version that
> would work this way?
> Thanks, and please cc me because I'm not on this list.
> Shane T. Mueller
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