Re: System settings layouts (Universal Access proposal)

Hi Bastien

On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 6:37 PM, Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> wrote:
> ...and added it to the dedicated page in the
> wiki:

If you have particular concerns about the layout, feel free to voice
them, rather than dismissing all the work that's occurred before.

I am voicing them and proposing solutions (this was just the first attempt, maybe there are other options).

I know that doesn't look GNOMEy, or at least is not conformed to the other panels, but the more I watch them the more I believe there is a problem with this type of layout.

Here a list of issues which I can see:
I understand that in your opinion this panel is done and finished, but I can't help to keep looking for ways how to improve things.

It would be nice to hear the opinion from other people.

Best, chr

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