GUADEC meeting summary


We had an informal meeting at GUADEC with Thomas, Jens, Jimmy, Scott,
Sebastien, Sergey and myself to talk about current plans and problems,
so here's a summary:

	* Jimmy has been working on a branch to fix some libslab issues. It
seems risky to merge that branch with TRUNK at this time of the release
process, so this will wait for after 2.20
	* there are though a couple of problems (a11y themes color problems)
that need to be fixed for 2.20. Once these are fixed, I think it should
be safe to have the control center shell as default (instead of the

	* should we use the categories for capplets in the menu? At least, for
people using the whole menu instead of the shell, it wouldn't be so

	* some stuff that might be considered 'services' is right now in g-s-d,
and those (screensaver, typing break) could perfectly be started via the
autostart mechanism from gnome-session.

	* some people suggested removing typing break and just rely on workrave
(very popular it seems).

	* there is code in gnome-menus that is specific to
gnome-control-center, so it could perfectly be moved to g-c-c

	* merge desktop effects (from compiz) with display capplet

	* merge keyboard indicators capplet and layout tabs

	* merge layout + timezone (from evolution) + i18n on a i18n capplet

	* keyboard + mouse on a 'input devices' capplet

	* there are too many entries in the a11y submenu, some of them just
call other capplets (preferred apps), so we should look at reducing the

	* about-me seems to be disabled by default, should we enable it? fix it
and make it more useful?

so, any other thoughts?
Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org>

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