Re: GUADEC meeting summary

        * some stuff that might be considered 'services' is right now in g-s-d,
and those (screensaver, typing break) could perfectly be started via the
autostart mechanism from gnome-session.
Though, as I said, we should be very accurate splitting 'services'
into separate processes. It would be rather expensive. So for every
"suspect" service we should carefully analyze whether it would be
"inproc" (in g-s-d) or "outproc" service. Ideally, we could create a
framework where each service could be made either inproc or outproc
depending on the configure-time option. Would it make sense?

        * some people suggested removing typing break and just rely on workrave
(very popular it seems).
Could we try getting workrave into gnome officially? Of course, not
2.20 but at some point later. Regarding the existing configuration UI,
I totally agree - it does not belong to the keyboard capplet.

        * merge keyboard indicators capplet and layout tab
Do you mean "keyboard indicator plugins"?

        * merge layout + timezone (from evolution) + i18n on a i18n capplet
What about keyboard model and various keyboard options?

        * keyboard + mouse on a 'input devices' capplet
I like that idea, but IIRC we still did not settle on the issue
regarding nested GtkNotebooks, did we?



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